Coloray! by Enercos Professional

ColoRay by Enercos Professional is the brand new range of products specifically designed to deliver vibrant colors, long lasting tones, extra shine and silky smooth hair.

New Formula for ColoRay hair coloring cream
  • New color generation for vibrant colors and maximum intensity of tone
  • Exceptional coverage and uniformity
  • Superb shine and silky touch


Monoi de Tahiti® Oil

Monoi de Tahiti represents a significant conditioning and emollient factor for shiny and smooth hair.

Ideal for all hair types
Extra nourishing and softening Leaves hair hydrated, silky and shiny

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of nature’s most remarkable herb for health and beauty. Aloe Vera contains Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins and biological stimulators.

  • Special blend of herbs and plants extracts to bring out hair’s natural beauty. Leaves hair healthy and shiny.
  • Safe for color treated hair

Cinnamon originates from China and is the most ancient of known spices.

  • Its extract is rich in tamis and essential oils and it is well known for its reducing oxidation properties
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Coloray! Application

All you need to know about ColoRay hair coloring cream and its application

ColoRay hair coloring cream has been specifically formulated to achieve the best results in hair coloring while protecting and conditioning the hair.

The simple numbering system of ColoRay will help you to choose the right nuance and tone for each customer’s needs.

The first number indicates the DEPTH of the color:
e.g. 1 = black; 6 = dark blonde; 8 = light blonde; 10 = lightest blonde

The second number indicates the primary TONE:
e.g. .1 = ash; .3 = gold; .4 = copper; .6 = red

The combination of depth and tone gives the hair colour as we normally indicate it (e.g. 4.3 = medium brown gold; 5.5 = light brown mahogany;
6.7 = dark blonde violet).
Some other colours have even 3 numbers and the third one indicates the SECONDARY tone (e.g. 6.32 = dark blonde gold beige; 6.46 = dark blonde copper red).

When using ColoRay it is also important to choose the right strength of cream developer, which will allow you to reach the required color and strength.

Coloring on same depth 6% (20 volumes)
Lightening 2-3 depths 9% (30 volumes)
Strong lightening 12% (40 volumes)

When coloring grey-white hair, add the corresponding natural shade to the chosen shade to ensure opti- mum coverage

Mixing ratio: 1+1

e.g. 1 tube (100 ml) + 100 ml ColoRay developer 1/2 tube (50 ml) + 50 ml ColoRay developer
Mix the said amount of products in a non-metallic bowl and mix to a smooth consistency before applying.

Greying and white hair (50%-100%)

Optimum results of grey/white hair may be obtained by adding the base shade to the desired fashion shade. In this way hair will be pre-pigmented for a better coverage while giving the desired tone.

e.g. 1/2 tube of ColoRay base 4 + 3/4 of ColoRay 4.4 + 100 ml of ColoRay Developer.

Color application

Virgin head coloring

When coloring on the same depth and/or darkening, apply the chosen color evenly to the lengths and ends of the hair and develop for 10 minutes. Apply remaining color to roots for a further 30 minutes.
>>>Total development time: 40 minutes

Re-growth coloring

Apply mixed color to the re-growth hair for 20/25 minutes and then massage color to the ends of the hair for a further 5/10 minutes.

Total development time: 30 minutes

ColoRay hi-lift 1:2

The extra lightening shades

11 11.1 11.3 11.4 11.8 0
Special blonde Special blonde ash Special blonde gold Special blonde copper Special blonde chocolate Neutral

Mixing ratio 1:2
Mix 1 tube of ColoRay (100 ml) + 200 ml of ColoRay cream developer

ColoRay Color Mixer

Ash, Blue, Green, Gold, Red, Violet

How to use ColoRay color mixer:

Using the rule of 12, Color Mixer should be added to a tube of ColoRay coloring cream by the centimetre. Deducted the depth of the chosen shade from 12 to indicate the quantity (cm) of Color Mixer needed.

e.g. Chosen shade = 5.3

5 = Depth
.3 = Tone
12 – 5 = 7
therefore add 7 cm of Color Mixer Gold to intensify and enhance the Gold tone. Color Mixer can be used in excess to achieve more intense results. If using more than 1/4 tube of Color Mixer, add the equivalent amount of ColoRay cream Developer.

e.g. 1/4 tube (25 cm) Color Mixer + 25 ml extra of Developer or 1/2 tube (50 cm) Color Mixer(s) + 50 mls Developer

0 Neutral

This is an exceptional plus for creative hairdressers as it gives great flexibility to achieve a wider range of color effect.

Lightening dark base:

ColoRay Neutral lightens hair from 2 – 4 tones (depending on the natural structure of the hair) without adding artificial colour.

  1. Mix 1 tube + 100 ml ColoRay cream developer (20/30/40 volumes);
  2. Leave on for 15/35 minutes.
  3. Rinse.

Caring when colouring

After the colour development time add a little warm water and massage ColoRay coloring cream from the hair and scalp and rinse thoroughly. Shampoo hair with Vital Color Shampoo by ColoRay and gently emulsify to create a lather. Rinse well. Then apply Vital Color Mask for shinier, softer and silkier hair.